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Podium Deck

Podiums and courtyards which have basement parking or commercial/office space beneath require a very versatile waterproofing system.

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Podiums are not extensively exposed to weathering elements but they are heavily exposed to water buildup and soil chemicals. All waterproofing solutions should be robust enough to restrict root damage. In designing any rooftop green space, there is a tricky balance between waterproofing, desired design and demand placed by the environment and plant life.

RASCOR have a vast amount of experience in Podium Deck Waterproofing and are happy to advise clients and specifiers at an early design stage. 

We have worked on a number of different projects such as : 

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Preventive waterproofing means perfection right down to the smallest detail

Concept design

RASCOR’s engineers analyze the waterproofed scheme in terms of structural design, groundwater/gravitational water conditions, and facility size.

Detail design

Full responsibility is assumed for key aspects of design, including the minimum shrinkage reinforcement, joint layout and concreting workmanship.

Site operations

Our engineers provide advice on and actively supervise the incorporation of the RASCOR White Tank waterproof concrete basement system.


Quality assurance is essential to the achievement of the agreed standards of workmanship. These activities are performed continuously up to acceptance/handover and the start of the defects liability period.