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Lost Property

In the centre of London’s Mayfair, Claridge’s embodies grand English style, timeless glamour and impeccable, intuitive and highly tailored service. 

Completion 2022

St Pauls,

London, England

8 floors

145 bedroom

Contactor : McAleer & Rushe


RASCOR is proud to contribute to the transformation of the existing building at Creed Court now known as ‘The Lost Property’. The hotel is located facing Ludgate Hill – leading up to St. Paul’s Cathedral which have narrow one-way streets. The construction consisted of several basements level and 6-storey above ground. The works included excavation of double level basement and a redevelopment of the office building into a 145 bed hotel which will include a bar & restaurant , gym facilities and internal courtyard

In order to deliver a reliable, watertight solution for this project, RASCOR worked closely with McAleer & Rushe to provide a complete design,supply and installation in the double basement. To achieve a Grade 3 basement / sub basement, required two types of waterproofing RASCOR used its RASCOtank Type B – structurally integral protection and Type C – drained protection.

For this project, we tasked our design team to come with the best waterproofing strategy to protect this prestigious structure from water ingress.

In this project ,we encountered a high water table level and significant temporary works.

Secant piles were installed around the perimeter of the site between the existing piles. The new sub basement and lower ground floor were constructed inside the piled walls on all sides lined with a water-excluding RASCOtank external type B system and propped at the ground floor and basement levels by the reinforced concrete construction.
The Primary solution for waterproofing this structure was the RASCOtank system which are cast and set during concreting to control crack shrinkage and subsequent injected with acrylic grout which will guarantee prevention of any water ingress from entering the structure.

Our secondary line of defense provided for our Grade 3 area was achieved by using the Newton CDM System cavity drain membrane waterproofing, which will capture, depressurize and remove any ingress ground water via a series of Trojan-Pro pump.
The same two products were also used alongside the flexible 107F liquid membrane and 106 FlexProof for construction on joint waterproofing in areas where the existing brick structure interfaces with a new concrete slab. Finally, Titan-Pro pump chambers are being installed to remove the water.

Completion date for the Hotel is Spring 2022 with RASCOtank waterproofing installation finalized early 2021 to bespoke specification.

From RASCORS’s In-house design engineering
team to RASCORS site operation team delivering an exceptional quality assurance , manufacture, design service and the installation of our products.
The Hotel will open to the public in Spring 2022 and will feature a charming little restaurant , a Bar , Coffee House and 145 bedrooms in the surroundings of some of London most visited tourist attractions and corporate financial services head offices. The Interior design
includes classic features and rich tones to complement the facade and immediate vicinity.
Each room is influenced by eclectic artwork and contemporary design touches.
RASCOR are proud be part of this exciting and prestigious project, providing proper planning
to ensure a dry basement / sub basement area.

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