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Cavity Drain Type C Waterproofing

A Cavity Drain system is made up of a cuspated membrane applied to the walls and floor with a channel at the wall/floor junction. The membrane allows any water ingress to filter down to the slab and find its way to the perimeter channel. The channel directs the water to a sump pump which is situated below the slab.

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British Standard 8102:2022 defines Type C waterproofing as “drained protection” where water leaking through the structure is accepted into voids and air spaces, created by cavity drain membranes that are strategically placed to the inside of the structure, depressurising the incoming water and safely removing it from the property.

These membranes, coupled with the bespoke sump and pump configurations, backup systems, telemetry and ancillary options, makes it the most reliable and maintainable waterproofing solution for any habitable space below ground.

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Preventive waterproofing means perfection right down to the smallest detail

Concept design

RASCOR’s engineers analyze the waterproofed scheme in terms of structural design, groundwater/gravitational water conditions, and facility size.

Detail design

Full responsibility is assumed for key aspects of design, including the minimum shrinkage reinforcement, joint layout and concreting workmanship.

Site operations

Our engineers provide advice on and actively supervise the incorporation of the RASCOR White Tank waterproof concrete basement system.


Quality assurance is essential to the achievement of the agreed standards of workmanship. These activities are performed continuously up to acceptance/handover and the start of the defects liability period.